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How to set environment variables in a Container App using the Azure CLI

Last month when I presented on Azure Container Apps, I was asked “How would you set an environment variable?”. Since it isn’t currently surfaced in the Azure Portal, I wasn’t sure. Container Apps is still in preview and right now the best way to access the largest amount of features is by using ARM or Bicep … but since it is new a lot of people start with the Portal or the Azure CLI to explore.

How to rollback a Container App revision using the Azure CLI

Earlier this month I posted How to rollback a Container App revision which focused on using the Azure Portal UI. In this entry I want to go over the same demo scenario using the Azure CLI. Prerequisites for this walkthrough are to follow the steps in the Quickstart first: Deploy your first container app (Azure CLI), and insert the following steps before the last Clean up resources step. Rollback a container app revision using the Azure CLI At this point you’ve created the Container App and verified the deployment in the browser, now let’s look at the list of revisions using the containerapp revision list command.

How to rollback a Container App revision

Last week I presented “A look at Azure Container Apps” to our local Azure user group. I was my first time presenting the topic and I’ll just say it wasn’t my best presentation (believe me - I’ve watched the whole recording). But anyway … during one of the demos a question came up about if it was easy to rollback a revision. I attempted to do perform a demo of how to do it, but the demo gods were not helping me last Thursday night.

What I'm using to stay up to date on Azure news

Happy New Year! Yeah, yeah I know - January is almost over already. You aren’t tired and letting up on your resolutions yet are you? I know sometimes when I start a new year with a plan to make lots of changes and to be focused on a new year full of goals that really interest me … I start to run out of gas around the end of week 3.