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Useful Utility: Markdown Monster

A couple of months ago at Boston .Net Architecture Group a friend of mine (Bob Goodearl) introduced me to Markdown Monster.

I’m sure many of you who deal with markdown all the time are thinking – big deal just learn the syntax .. what’s the bid deal right? 

For me the killer feature is: Paste Images from Clipboard

I have several hands on labs in Word form which I am converting to markdown files to version in github.  With Markdown Monster, I can just copy and paste the text over into a new .md file, format the header and bulleted lists – then I can copy and paste the images into the document.

When you paste the image it will prompt you for where you want to save it and what you want to name it – so it isn’t effortless – but it is a lot easier for me than to grab all those images from the word document, save each to a file then have to locate the file when modifying the markdown.

Great simple utility!


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