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Setup OWASP Juice Shop in Azure Container Instances (Part 3 of 3)

In the second part of this series we walked through using Web App for Containers as a way to get the OWASP Juice Shop Project up and running. 

In this part, I want to provide a step-by-step reference in how to get it running using Azure Container Instances.

Using the Azure Portal

1. Login to your Azure Subscription at https://portal.azure.com

2. Click on the Create Resource (plus) button in the upper left corner, select Containers, then Azure Container Instances


3. On the Create Azure Container Instances Basics blade enter values for the following:

  • Container name: unique name for your container (not the name from the container registry)
  • Select Public for the container image type
  • Container image: bkimminich/juice-shop
  • Subscription: choose your subscription
  • Resource Group: select an existing or enter a new one
  • Select a location near you
  • Click OK


4. On the Configuration blade

  • Select Linux for the OS Type
  • Select 1 for Number of cores
  • Select 1.5 GB for Memory
  • Select Yes for Public IP Address
  • Enter 3000 for the Port number
  • Click OK


5. Click OK on the Summary blade


Once the container is stared you will be able to navigate to the instance and find the IP Address in the upper right corner of the Overview panel. 


If you copy this IP address and add :3000 on the end for the port in a browser you will now get Juice Shop running.


Using the Azure CLI or Cloud Shell

If you are using Azure CLI - you will need to do step 0 to login and if you are using Cloud Shell – you will need to do step 0 to open the shell.

Azure CLI – Only

0. In a command window type the following and press enter

Then open a browser and type the code shown to you for authenticating and click Continue

You can know close that browser window.

Cloud Shell – Only

0. Click on the Cloud Shell button in the upper right of the portal image


The remaining steps are the same for both the CLI and the Cloud Shell.

1. Create a resource group using the az group create command giving it a resource name and location and hit enter


2. Create a new container using the az container create command giving it values for:

  • --resource-group juiceshop-cli-demo
  • --name juiceshop-cli-aci1
  • --image bkimminich/juice-shop
  • --dns-name-label juiceshop-cli-aci
  • --ports 3000
  • --ip-address public


Once the container is up and running, you can use this pattern to access the site: http://<dns-name-label>.<datacenter>.azurecontaner.io:3000


That is all it takes to get the Juice Shop up and running in Azure Container Instance – just 2 commands (1 if you already have a resource group).  Pretty nice.

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