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North Boston Azure Cloud User Group–August 29

Last night was the NBA group in Burlington.  We had a great turn out!

The main event was: Bill Pratt: Application Insights can be Your Best Friend

Last night was the first meeting that I tried a new format of having a shorter talk before the main talk (like Bill Wilder does for the Boston Azure Cloud User Group).

For the opening talk I did a walk through of Azure Tips and Tricks – (all inspired by Michael Crump) - He came up with the tips, I just did the live demoing and added a little color to it Smile

Here are the tips and links to his blog entries that I covered:

For Bill’s talk, we had a lot of interaction and questions – which is always nice to see.  We also have some positive feedback in the comments on the meetup site about the event.

On another note

It is hard to believe the group will be one year old next month.  I skipped December (due to meeting on the last Tuesday of the month) but have more than made up for it with other events and double meeting months – a total of 14 events since September 2016.

The membership is now up to 369 which is hard to believe … seems like it was just hitting the 200 number a few months ago.

Nice to see the user group community growing well at the Microsoft Burlington office.

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