What I'm using to stay up to date on Azure news

Posted by Jason on Friday, January 28, 2022

Happy New Year!

Yeah, yeah I know - January is almost over already. You aren’t tired and letting up on your resolutions yet are you? I know sometimes when I start a new year with a plan to make lots of changes and to be focused on a new year full of goals that really interest me … I start to run out of gas around the end of week 3.

Well it is now the beginning of week 4 - time to get back to it! Reread you goals and for those goals that have to do with keeping up to date and learning more about Azure - here are some resources for you that I just recently discovered.

We have a “pandemic puppy”, whose name is Duncan (he is the one in the photo above) and I now have a reason to take a drive and go on a walk every morning. The drive is key - about 30 minutes each way - it gives me around 1 hour a day when I can easily listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

Here are the Azure podcasts I’m currently listening to:

Azure Podcast
Website: http://azpodcast.azurewebsites.net
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheAzurePodcast/featured
Hosted by: Cynthia Kreng @cynthiaKrenG, Kendall Roden @KendallRoden, Cale Teeter @CaleTeeter, Evan Basalik @EvanBasaliK, Russell Young @youngr6 & Sujit D’Mello (couldn’t find on twitter)

Azure security Podcast
Website: https://azsecuritypodcast.net/
Hosted by: Mark Simos @marksimos, Sarah Young @_sarahyo, Michael Howard @michael_howard and Gladys Rodriguez @Cyber_batgirl

Website: https://ctrlaltazure.com/
Hosted by: Tabias Zimmergren @zimmergre and Jussi Roine @jussiroine

Azure for Executives
Website: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/industries/podcast/
Hosted by: David Star @ElegantCoder

I’m probably one of the last people in the tech industry to have just started listening to podcasts and am curious - do you have any favorite Azure podcasts?

Last week I also discovered two new Azure “news sites” I hadn’t come across before that I’m going to start looking at on a regular basis:

Azure Info Hub
Url: https://azureinfohub.azurewebsites.net/
Looks to be created by: Holger Sirtl @hsirtl

Azure Notes
Url: https://www.azurenotes.tech/
Looks to be created by Derek Martin @thebookofdoodle

This month I’m experimenting with using daily learning topics, where I’ll spend any spare time listening, reading, etc. to content on a singular topic - one of which is Azure. For example I’ll start the day listening to Azure podcasts during our commute to the beach/woods for a walk and back, then later on I’ll check out any Azure news and maybe watch a YouTube video or just read Azure related content. So far this daily topic experiment is working pretty well to help me slowly get up to date in several topics … I’ll keep you posted on how this experiment goes.

Do you have any tips on keeping up to date on Azure related topics?