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Setup OWASP Juice Shop in Web App for Containers (Part 2 of 3)

If you want to know more about Web App for Containers, you can see Part 1 of this series for a brief feature outline or even better the documentation for Web App for Containers (also often referred as App Service on Linux) for more detail.

In this part I want to provide a step-by-step reference in how to get the OWASP Juice Shop Project setup and running in Web App for Containers.

Using the Azure Portal

1. Login to your Azure subscription at https://portal.azure.com

2. Click on the Create Resource (plus) button in the upper left corner, select Web + Mobile, then Web App for Containers


3. On the Web App for Containers Create blade enter the following:

  • App Name: enter unique name for app
  • Subscription: choose your subscription
  • Resource Group: select an existing or enter a new one

4. Click on the App Service plan

  • Click on Create New
  • Enter a name for the App Service Plan
  • Select a location near to you
  • Click Ok

5. Click on configure container

  • Select Docker Hub for the Image source
  • Select Public for Repository Access
  • Enter bkimminich/juice-shop for the Image name
  • Click OK


6. Check Pin to dashboard and click Create

Once the Web App loads and the overview blade is showing, click on the url in the upper right corner of the Overview


That should launch the Juice Shop in a browser:


Using the Azure CLI or Cloud Shell

If you are using the Azure CLI, you will need to do step 0 below (with the Cloud Shell there is no need to login)

Azure CLI - Only

0. In a command window type the following and press enter

az login


Then open a browser and type the code shown to you for authenticating and click Continue


You can know close that browser window.

Cloud Shell – Only

0. Click on the Cloud Shell button in the upper right of the portal image


Ok, the remaining steps will work with both the CLI and the Cloud Shell

1. Create a resource group using the az group create command giving it a resource name and location and hit enter


2. Create an app service plan using the az appservice plan create command giving it values for:

  • --name
  • --resource-group (same one you just created)
  • --sku
  • --is-linux


3. Create the web app using the az webapp create command giving it values for:

  • --resource-group (same group as above)
  • --plan (same name as plan you just created)
  • --name
  • --deployment-container-image-name NOTE: This is: bkimminich/juice-shop


Once the app is ready you can open a browser and navigate to the first url in the enabledHostNames section of the json retuned.  In my example it was https://juiceshop-web-cli.azurewebsites.net


That was the Web Apps for Container, now we can move onto Setup OWASP Juice Shop in Azure Container Instances

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