Innovation Notes: January 12, 2009

by Jason Haley 12. January 2009 04:52

"Innovation isn't free, in fact it isn't even cheap. But the rewards can be tremendous." - Jeffrey Phillips

Innovation will Blossom durring the Recession, Jeff Cornwall
A interesting entry of Jeff response to Tim Draper's  (Founder and Managing Director of the venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson) thoughts on innovation coming from the current recession and some observations of the current trends in America.  A good quote from the entry:

Don't panic and don't cling to the past as it will be a new game. We need to all stick together to solve our current problems.  We face not only a crisis but many opportunities for new innovation and the creation of new markets.

Innovation isn't free, Jeffrey Phillips
In this entry Jeffrey provides what I think is a nice reality check for people who think innovation can just be added to a job description and innovation will suddenly happen.  A good quote from the entry:

... Success in this work requires an investment in people, in process and in resources. If you are planning to try to innovate on the cheap, don't bother. Everyone understands the risks and the resources required, and you'll soon find that only the truly committed are even trying to innovate.

Create Market Place Disruption: 12 Questions to Get Started, Innovator's Digest
A small review of Adam Hartung's book: Create Marketplace Disruption: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition and a list of ides to help apply concepts from Adam's book.  Some questions I found interesting:

3.  Why is there so much funding for legacy work, but so little for innovation?
6.  Why do managers pay lip service to innovation, but never give innovation projects more time and attention?
10.  Who should be responsible for implementing innovation?

Innovation Goals - Brass Ring or Fool's Gold, Innovating To Win
This is a short entry inspired by Seth Godin's observation on goals blog entry on the effect of goals and objectives in innovation.  A good quote from the entry:

One of the first steps to breaking the shackles of accidental innovation practice is the acceptance that innovation both can and should be directed by goals and objectives that provide the clarity of vision to help us find high value innovations

Is Innovation Dead? Hardly!, Innovating To Win
This entry is a response to Bruce Nussbaum's article: "Innovation" is Dead.  Herald The Birth of "Transformation" as The Key Concept for 2009 ... which I haven't read yet - but I certainly will be reading this week.  Sometimes these articles really just seem like a play on words and really mean the same thing ... which is the feeling I get from my initial look at the article - but won't know until I read it.

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