Interesting Finds: September 8, 2008

by Jason Haley 8. September 2008 04:06

Other stuff
Greg Duncan - Using Visual Studio to debug a Mono process running on Linux
Miguel de Icaza - Avoid the Managed Extensibility Framework.
Ayende Rahien - Requirements 101: Have an automated deployment and Build the tools that aren't there
Dare Obasanjo - The 3 Laws of Platform Adoption: Why Developers Choose Platforms and What it Means to You and The New Browser Wars: The Best Features of the new Generation of Browsers
Papenoo pa - XAML Documentation
Szymon Kobalczyk - Getting started with Managed Extensibility Framework
Frank Kelly - Book Review: The Definitive Guide to Terracotta

Web stuff
Rick Strahl - Retrieving Web Resources and Content Types in Code
Stephen Walther - ASP.NET MVC Application Building: Forums #4 – Server-Side Form Validation
Dion Almaer - Form access control via jQuery and Jaxer

Database stuff
Pinal Dave - SQL SERVER – 2008 - Creating Primary Key, Foreign Key and Default Constraint
Kalen Delaney - Did You Know: Can Query Tuning Become Unnecessary?
Simon Sabin - Using .Net in SQL is faster than TSQL in many situations

Security stuff
Darknet - onesixtyone 0.3.2 - An Efficient SNMP Scanner

Agile stuff
Davy Brion - Introducing TDD: How I Would Do It

Architecture stuff
V Bertocci - Delegation, or traversing multilayer architectures
JD Meier - The Architecture Journal

Cloud Computing stuff
Erick Schonfeld - Parascale Promises Data Center Heaven: Private Cloud Storage At About $1 A Gig

Career stuff
Jeff Putz - Waiting for "the" job and not settling for "a" job

Innovation stuff
Gabor George Burt - Why are Red Oceans so abundant?

Other link blogs
Darren Stokes - Visual Studio Links #71 and Visual Studio Links #72
Alvin Ashcraft - Dew Drop - September 7, 2008 and Dew Drop - September 8, 2008
David Vidmar - Links of the Week #52 (week 36/2008)
Rhonda Tipton - Weekly Link Post 58
Steve Pietrek - Links (9/7/2008)
Chris Alcock - The Morning Brew #174
Mike Gunderloy - Double Shot #286

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