Interesting Finds: June 1, 2008

by Jason Haley 1. June 2008 17:59

Silverlight stuff
Mike Taulty - Silverlight Streaming Improvements

Other stuff
Ryan Dunn - Where has all the bandwidth gone?
Miguel de Icaza - Custom Controls in Gtk# Article and Holly Gtk Widgets
AWSCodeGuy - Step By Step Threads
Phil Haack - The Design Is Never Right The First Time
thomastn - WPF Autocomplete Textbox Control
Selvin - How to Write a Terminal Services Add-in in Pure C#
Scott Hanselman - Professionalism, Programming, and Punditry and Success as a Metric
Greg Hughes - How to exclude a domain from your Google search results
Kris Olson - The Visual Display of Quantitative Information: Edward Tufte
gumption public works - "IT is going to become much more about information and how it can be used to help the business grow..."
Daniel Pistelli - .NET Internals and Native Compiling
Mo Khan - Studying Object Oriented Programming

Other link blogs
Rhonda Tipton - Weekly Link Post 44
David Vidmar - Links of the Week #39 (week 22/2008)
Alvin Ashcraft - Dew Drop - June 1, 2008 and Dew Drop - May 31, 2008 and Dew Drop - May 30, 2008
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for May 31, 2008 and LINKBLOG for May 30, 2008
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - May 31, 2008
Dave Burke - Everyman Links for May 30, 2008
Business Driven Architect - Links for 2008-05-30 []
Darren Stokes - Visual Studio Links #34

Innovation stuff
Mitch Ditkoff - Innovation as a Happy Accident
experientia - Infonomia TV: videos on innovation
Stephen Shapiro - Do Patents Help or Hinder Innovation?
Jennifer - Open Innovation Becoming Significantly Important

SOA stuff
Sam Gentile - SOA: Making the Paradigm Shift Part 1 of N and SOA: Making the Paradigm Shift Part 2 of N
Jeff - WOA wasn't important to me last week
Joe McKendrick - How SOA and IT are faring in the ‘unrecession’

Web stuff
Mike Gunderloy - 7 Sources for Microstock Photos
Crpietschmann - ASP.NET 3.5: Create AJAX Extender Controls using the ExtenderControl base class
Aaron Stebner - Links to more detailed information about the .NET Framework 3.5 client profile
Steve Schofield - IIS 7 - post #68 - URL Rewrite module available
Dion Almaer - Hacking BrowserPlus to work locally

Computing in the cloud stuff
Erick Schonfeld - Bezos Talks Web Services
Nik Cubrilovic - Google To Launch Large Scale Geo-Services
Nicholas Carr - Understanding Amazon Web Services
Phil Wainewright - The four horsemen of SaaS

Career stuff
Travis Wright - 101 Tips to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love
The Entrepreneurial Mind - With Age Comes Perspective
NickMalik - The non-overlapping responsibility set: Solution Architect and Enterprise Architect
Phil Wainewright - Breaking away from ERP as bookkeeping

PowerShell stuff
Greg Duncan - New Free (Regware) PowerShell 8 Page Reference Card
PowerShell Guy - cd into Sysinternals Tools from PowerShell

Database stuff
Susan Bradley - SQL injection information from Harry's blog

Debugging stuff
NT Debug - Beefier Breakpoints Using Debugger Scripts

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