Interesting Finds: April 17, 2008

by Jason Haley 17. April 2008 07:29

Waiting for the caffeine to kick in this morning …

Other stuff
Daniel Walzenbach - .NET 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit ready to download
Greg Young - DDDD 6 [Fluent Builders, Alternate Ending]
Sara Ford - Did you know... You can customize the color scheme in the Output Window - #196
Jason Bock - ExceptionFinder For Reflector
Miguel de Icaza - Generic Code Sharing: Good and Bad News
Greg Duncan - Interested in template based code generation? Own Visual Studio 2008? Then guess what? You already have one... Say hello to the Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) and Lock your bits - Faster C# bitmap manipulation
Coding Horror - Introducing
Matevz Gacnik - Laws and Digital Signatures
Dana Epp - Mark Russinovich and boundaries... are we missing a key aspect of existing security technology in Windows?
Ayende Rahien - Source control is not a feature you can postphone to vNext
VSX Team - VSX Community Letter for April 2008

Career stuff
Travis Wright - 5 Tips to Professional Development & Career Advancement
Rick Mahn - Bringing it home: Social Networking on the Local Level
The Igloo Coder - Building community one developer at a time
Rich - Working For Yourself Can Have Challenges

Web stuff
Brent Ashley - Ajax Experience: Stuart Halloway - Javascript Refactotum
Fredrick Normen - ASP.Net MVC Framework pre- Preview 3 - A Step by Step guide to create a simple web app.
Scott Guthrie - ASP.NET MVC Source Refresh Preview
Travis Illig - ASP.NET Testing with Ivonna
Dion Almaer - Busy.js: Loading indicators with Canvas and Last call for W3C XMLHttpRequest comments and Three Helpful JavaScript Libraries
Chris Brandsma - Setting Control Focus when AJAX is involved

Community stuff
Brent Ashely - Ajax Experience: Wrapup

Debugging stuff
Doron H - Debugger commands (.step_filter) that make my life easier
Tom - How to handle form events after adding a master page to an existing page
Roberto Farah - Special Command—Use lm* and Get All Details from Modules
NT Debug - Would you be interested in a live chat session on debugging techniques?

Other link blogs
Alvin Ashcraft - Dew Drop - April 16, 2008 and Dew Drop - April 17, 2008
Mike Gunderloy - Double Shot #189
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for April 16, 2008
Matt - Links Today (2008-04-16)
Chris Alcock - The Morning Brew #75

People I subscribe to who are looking
Oleg - Hire me
Clarke Ching - Can you recommend me?

Database stuff
Kimberly Tripp - Indexes in SQL Server 2005/2008 - Best Practices, Part 1

Computing in the Cloud stuff
Steven Smith - Microsoft Cloud Services
Erick Schonfeld - Watch Out Salesforce. Intuit Opens Up QuickBase To Developers
Mike Gunderloy - Zoho CRM Goes Enterprise

PowerShell stuff
Joel Bennett - PowerShell Power User Tips: Current Directory

Silverlight stuff
Mike Taulty - Silverlight 2 - Video, Markers, XML
The Moth - Silverlight 2 Essential Getting Started Facts and Guide

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