Interesting Finds: March 11, 2008

by Jason Haley 11. March 2008 07:15

Other stuff
Mike Gunderloy - A Social Network for Coffee Drinkers
Mike Stall - Binary vs. Source compatibility
Tim Stall - Coding vs. Configuration
Sara Ford - Did you know... You can have VS automatically do a rename within the entire project when you do a file rename in Solution Explorer? - #169
Zeeshan Jafar Hirani - Exploring Lamda Expression in C#
Chris Richner - Extensible strongly typed (de)serializer foundation supporting encryption and compression
Tim Sneath - Have YOU Updated Your Windows SDK Recently?
Mike Hall - How stable is your code?
Daniel Cazzulino - How to hide System.Object members from your interfaces
Jason Calacaniz - Large monitor productivity…
Michael Arrington - Little Known Hacker News Is My First Read Every Morning
Brian Johnson - Mark Russinovich talks real-world Windows Vista deployment
Harry Pierson - Morning Coffee 157
.Net Adventures - PowerCommands Addin for Visual Studio 2008
Brennan Stehling - Recap on Code Generation and Visual Studio Extensibility Presentation
Toby Ward - Reinventing intranet information architecture
Andrew Stopford - The design in TDD
Scott Sehlhorst - Uncovering Requirements With UML Class Diagrams Part 2
Bill Evjen - Visual Studio 2008 Plug Ins
Ilias Tsigkogiannis - Why Do We Need WDF Coinstallers?
Todd Ogasawara - Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

Web stuff
Brad Abrams - ASP.NET MVC in CodePlex and Extensible Unit Testing
Bil Simser - Finding the AJAX Control Toolkit in VS2005
Dion Almaer - IE 8 and Performance
Andrew Stopford - Microsoft MVC and MbUnit
Phil Haack - Thoughts on ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 and Beyond
IE Blog - Using The Emulate IE7 Button

Other link blogs
Alvin Ashcraft - Dew Drop - March 11, 2008
Mike Gunderloy - Double Shot #162
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - March 10, 2008
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for March 10, 2008
Trumpi - Our daily link (2008-03-10)

Career stuff
Dwayne Malacon - Rich Idiots
Alfred Thompson - So You Want A Job in the Software Industry
Kimberly Tripp - SQL Server Magazine Connections Fall 2008 Call For Abstracts
Freelance Switch - The Freelance Developer Insight — An Interview with Mr. Jonathan Snook

Database stuff
Tony Rogerson - sp_send_dbmail in a transaction with @query causes unresolvable deadlock
Simon Sabin - SQL Server 2008 - Converting binary(hex) values to strings and SQL Server 2008 - Whats new in the tools

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