Interesting Finds: March 7, 2008

by Jason Haley 7. March 2008 07:14

Debugging stuff
Tess - .NET Debugging Demos Lab 6: Debugging Challenge (Memory leak)
NT Debug - Disassemble the MBR
Rick Strahl - Sensible Debugging in IE 8

Other stuff
QA Insight - A Load of Performance Testing Info
mickeel - A simpler method to make list of your files!
Sam Gentile - Console, Cygwin and Ruby on Rails
Niranjan Kumar - Custom Serialization - Part 2
Steve Schofield - Detecting permission issues using auditing and process monitor
Sara Ford - Did you know... How to stop the Toolbox from auto-populating with items found in the solution? - #167
Todd Ogasawara - Freeware/Open Source for Windows Weekly Summary
Steven Smith - Software Design Best Practices Debate
Scott Sehlhorst - Uncovering Requirements With UML Class Diagrams Part 1

Database stuff
mssqlisv - Appending Data Using SQL 2008 Filestream
Kalen Delaney - Geek City: Fragmentation Internals

Web stuff
WebDevTools - ASP.NET MVC Test Framework Integration Walkthrough
Justice Gray - Changes from Microsoft MVC Preview 1 to Preview 2 (Part B)
Mike Gunderloy - iPhone: SDK Today, Enterprise Features in June

Other link blogs
Alvin Ashcraft - Daily Bits - March 7, 2008
Mike Gunderloy - Double Shot #160
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - March 6, 2008
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for March 6, 2008
Harry Pierson - Morning Coffee 155 - Dueling Conference Edition
Chris Alcock - The Morning Brew #48

Silverlight stuff
John Lam - Dynamic Silverlight Part 2: Managed JScript and flickr

Career stuff
JobsBlog - How do I go from developer to program manager?
Freelance Switch - How To Manage Your Website Design Projects

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