Interesting Finds: February 21, 2008

by Jason Haley 21. February 2008 07:02

Web stuff
Adam Goucher - AJAX Security
Dion Almaer - DOMAssistant 2.6 Released and Measuring the state of Mobile Ajax Performance and Motionbox EventHandler: Event Subscription and Delegation
Dave Burke - Roll your own Community Server Rating Stars

Career stuff
Freelance Switch - Balancing Work & Family
Rosa Say - How can managers change a company's culture?
Dwayne Melancon - Incremental Advantage
Microsoft Downloads - IT LifeCycle Overview and SOA Infrastructure Datasheet
Tim Jarrett - What makes a good product manager?

Other stuff
via email Jay Flowers - CI Factory 1.0+ Released
Mike Taulty - Configuration Section Designer and Simple Process Launching Service
Niranjan Kumar - Custom Serialization – Part 1
Sara Ford - Did you know... How to hide or show the solution in solution explorer? - #156
Federal Developer - How to: Ruby on .NET (IronRuby), versus Ruby on Rails and WEBCAST: Building Workflow Services (WF+WCF) with Visual Studio 2008
Alfred Thompson - Programming as the New Literacy
V Bertocci - The Tao of Authentication (Part I)
Scott Hanselman - The Weekly Source Code 15 - Duct Tape Edition
Phil Haack - Versioning Issues With Abstract Base Classes and Interfaces
Rich Turner - Visual Studio 2008 C# and VB Key Bindings
Denis van der Stelt - Visual Studio Gallery
Microsoft Downloads - Windows Server Protocols (WSPP)

Other link blogs
Alvin Ashcraft - Daily Bits - February 20, 2008 and Daily Bits - February 21, 2008
Mike Gunderloy - Double Shot #149 and WWD Coffee Break: Messy Offices, Jobs & SocNet Detox
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - February 20, 2008
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for February 20 , 2008
Harry Pierson - Morning Coffee 148
Chris Alcock - The Morning Brew #37

Database stuff
Denis Gobo - Five Different Ways To Return Data From One Table Which Doesn't Exists In another Table
Federal Developer - Free Download: VS 2008 Database Edition Power Tools
Linchi Shea - The End of an Architectural Era?
adamga - Tools for Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition

Debugging stuff
Jim Gries - Need to write a new Debugging Engine for your favorite platform?

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