Interesting Finds: February 19, 2008

by Jason Haley 19. February 2008 07:19

Web stuff
Rey Bango - .Net and Ext: Coolite has the Answer
Doug Ferguson - ASP.NET 3.5 Meadia Player Control
WebDevTools - ASP.NET MVC Test Framework Integration
Dion Almaer - Cursing with JavaScript: Three Random Tips
Brad Abrams - Islands of Richness with Silverlight on an ASP.NET page
JohanS - Monitoring Application Pool and Application Restarts

Career stuff
Frank Kelly - 10 things Project Managers wish Developers understood
JD Meier - 5 Keys to Improving Your Reading Speed
Brad Appleton - BOOK: Lean Project Management
Adam Smith, Esq. - Don't (Only) Sweat the Small Stuff
Freelance Switch - How Do You Know You’re Working With A Bad Client?
Rosa Say - Learn to Finish Conversations Well Redux

Other link blogs
Matt - 10 Links Today (2008-02-18)
Alvin Ashcraft - Daily Bits - January 19, 2008
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - February 18, 2008
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for February 18 , 2008
Chris Alcock - The Morning Brew #35
Mike Gunderloy - WWD Coffee Break: Picture Editing, Twitxr, & Firefox Extensions

Running stuff
I'm thinking about running the Seattle Marathon this year...
Mike Ormond - A Few Running Tips

Other stuff
Jim Glass - Acronyms Defined
Andrew Connell - AC's CR/R tools for SPDevs Updated: v1.1
Matevz Gacnik - Calculating Outsourcing Project Cost
Jason Bock - Constructors Considered Harmful (?)
Sara Ford - Did you know... how to change the default new project location? - #154
Charles Sterling - Tutorial on creating your own FXcop Rules
Kathleen Dollard - Validation Information in Metadata
Windows Sdk Team - Where is UISpy.exe?
Ted Neward - Who herds the cats?
Eric Lippert - Why Do Initializers Run In The Opposite Order As Constructors? Part Two

Security stuff
Offensive Computing - Analyze Malware-infections on your own - part two
Schneier on Security - Benevolent Worms
Steve Lamb - Let me guess what your wireless security settings are…

Agile stuff
Scott Sehlhorst - Cockburn Affirms: Use Cases Rule for Agile!
Mo Khan - Continuous Improvement
Denis Gobo - If Airplanes Were Made By Using Scrum/Agile

Debugging stuff
Tom - High Memory part 5 - Fragmentation
Junfeng Zhang - Windows Update Error 0x800A0030

Database stuff
Tibor Karaszi Kalen Delaney's SQL Server Internals DVD

PowerShell stuff
PowerShell Team - PowerShell/MSBuild Integration

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