Interesting Finds: February 6, 2008

by Jason Haley 6. February 2008 09:26

Debugging stuff
Tess - .NET Debugging Demos Lab 1: Hang - Review

Other stuff
Wil Peck - .NET POP3 MIME Client
Mabster - C# Feature Idea: Static Extension Methods
Sara Ford - Did you know... You can use Alt+F6 and Alt+Shift+F6 to cycle through opened tool windows - #145
John Robbins - Download All the .NET Reference Source Code at Once with Net Mass Downloader
Jesse Liberty - How do you pronounce => ?
Greg Young - Irony!!
Aaron Stebner - Link to info about a new feature in WiX v3.0 to globally set the default compression level
Bil Simser - Pex - A Tool in Search of an Identity
Joe Stagner - Windows Workflow Foundation Tutorial Series

Career stuff
Freelance Switch - 5 Ways to Build Amazing Client Karma (And Boost Your Business)

Agile stuff
Wayne Allen - Agile PM Tools

Web stuff
Samuel Dean - Cascading Style Sheets: Master Them Quickly, and for Free
Scott Guthrie - Feb 6th Links: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Visual Studio, .NET, WPF
Dion Almaer - Firebug 1.1 and and Server Side JavaScript Databases Access
Scott Mitchell - My First Three Website Security Tutorials Now Live
Niall Kennedy - Sniff browser history for improved user experience

Community stuff
Chris Bowen - Code Camp 9 - Registration and Call for Speakers Open! … not sure if I can make this one yet ...
Glen Gordon - CodeCampRDU - February 16, 2008

Other link blogs
Alvin Ashcraft - Daily Bits - February 6, 2008
Mike Gunderloy - Double Shot #137
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - February 5, 2008
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for February 5, 2008
Steve Pietrek - Links (2/5/2008)
Chris Alcock - The Morning Brew #26

Database stuff
John Paul Cook - From the SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart - Generating Spatial Data
SQL Team - Integrating Profiler and PerfMon Log Files
Linchi Shea - Multicores/manycores and conventional wisdoms

PowerShell stuff
The PowerShell Guy - More PowerShell Video and Audio
Rhonda Tipton - PowerShell Podcasts

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