Interesting Finds: January 14, 2008

by Jason Haley 14. January 2008 07:24

Community stuff
Sara Ford - A Great Time at CodeMash
Alvin Ashcraft - Philly Code Camp 2008.1 - Links and Info
Milissa Demak - Philly.Net Code Camp 2008.1: What an Awesome Day!!!
Jackob Homan - Seattle CodeCamp January 26 and 27

Other stuff
Puzzle Hacker - Added CodeHTMLer project at codeplex and Issues with the XmlSerializer in medium trust environments
Mike Taulty - Basic Authentication against non-Windows Accounts in IIS/ASP.NET
Alexander Nowak - Checklist for unit & unit integration testing
The Igloo Coder - Controlling the unit test environment
Sara Ford - Did you know... There are 9 IDE Tool Window docking targets
Don Box - 2008
The Moth - My VS2008 Articlette in TechNet Magazine
Sasha Goldshtein - Notes on Teaching Introduction to .NET
Ayende Rahien - Performance, Joins and why you should always have a profiler
Extrim - Script.NET a language for embedding scripting functionality into CLR Applications
Chris Bilson - Scrum'
Mabster - Type Aliases in C#
Aaron Stebner - Web Authoring Component can fail during VS 2008 setup if Program Files has a trailing backslash
Todd Ogasawara - Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

Web stuff
Walzenbach - ASP.NET Ajax Cheat Sheets
Dion Almaer - HTML Purifier 3.0
Ejocys - Object oriented JavaScript class library in C#/.NET style

Career stuff
Freelance Switch - Becoming a Freelance Web Worker: Part 4, Working Anywhere
Web Worker Daily - Get Mad But Don’t Get Even - Turn an Insult Into a Favor
Tim Stall - Hiring based off years of experience, an analogy with art and the NBA
Donna Gunter - How-to-Write-a-Killer-How-to-Article-in-7-Easy-Steps
Rajesh Setty - If it’s not helping, it may be hurting you…

Other link blogs
Alvin Ashcraft - Daily Bits - January 14, 2008
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - January 13, 2008
Steve Pietrek - Links (1/13/2008)
David Vidmar - Links of the Week #19 (week 2/2008)
Rhonda Tipton - Weekly Link Post 24

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