Interesting Finds: December 6, 2007

by Jason Haley 6. December 2007 06:57

Database stuff
Dr Sql - 2008: Initializing Table Data with Row Constructors
Peter DeBetta - 2008: More Row Constructor Fun

Other link blogs
Matt - 8 Links Today (2007-12-05)
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - December 5, 2007
Scott - links for 2007-12-06
Steve Rubel - links for 2007-12-06
Mike Gunderloy - WWD Coffee Break - Bubbles, Spouses & Networks

Web stuff
Scott Guthrie - ASP.NET MVC Framework (Part 3): Passing ViewData from Controllers to Views
Steven Smith - Generic Web Controls and EnumDropDownList
Drew Marsh - IE8 Officially Announced, VPCs ready for download within 24hrs?

Other stuff
Brad Wilson - Class "static" Decorator: Unintended Consequences
Thom Robbins - Creating an icon in the system tray
Sara Ford - Did you know... what's the difference between smart indenting and block indenting?
Aaron Stebner - Link to feedback request for Visual Studio installation and deployment scenarios
Sam Gentile - Microsoft Live Labs Volta
Udi Dahan - Object Builder - the place to fix system-wide threading bugs
Mike Gunderloy - Open Thread: Have You Had it with Facebook?
Jonathan de Halleux - Pex It: How do we find the values? (part 3 of ...)
Zeno - Russian Business Network study
Windows SDK Team - Some SDK samples require VS2005, not VS2008
Rick Strahl - The long Path to getting an proper cased Path & Filename with Win32
Dennis van der Stelt - Using C# 3.0 from .NET 2.0

Career stuff
Michael Arrington - Loic Le Meur’s Ten Rules For Startup Success
Freelance Switch - What Do You Do When Your Client Won’t Pay?

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