Interesting Finds: November 11, 2007

by Jason Haley 11. November 2007 20:15

Other stuff
David Chappell - Advancing Application Platforms: The Twilight of Vendor Consortia
Dave Burke - Bits for November 10, 2007 and Bits for November 11, 2007
Adam Goucher - DefCon videos
Puzzle Hacker - Fun with C# functions
Jean-Paul Boodhoo - Huge Code Drop Coming!!!!!!!
Chris Donnan - Humilty, Life as a programmer, TDD, Scrum, (and a little F#)
Joe Duffy - Immutable types for C#
K. Scott Allen - MVC, REST, and the Alternative ASP.NET Framework
Wes - The Awkwardness of Functonal Programming

Web stuff
Fredrick Normen - ASP.Net MVC Framework an early look
Udi Dahan - Asynchronous, High-Performance Login for Web Farms
Brad Abrams - Cool Free ASP.NET AJAX Rich Text Editor

Community stuff
Brad Wilson - Call for Presentations: Agile 2008

Career stuff
Steve Pavlina - Career Planning

Conference stuff
Steven Smith - DevConnections Afterthoughts and Presentations
Rich Strahl - My DevConnection Fall '07 Session Slides and Sample Links
The Moth - My personal Tech Ed wrap-up

Database stuff
Tibor Karaszi - Find table and index name for fragmented indexes

Mobile stuff
Tim Anderson - Google’s Open Handset Alliance site: not mobile, not open

Other link blogs
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - November 10, 2007
David Vidmar - Link of the week #10 (week 45/2007)
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for November 10, 2007 and LINKBLOG for November 11, 2007
Steve Pietrek - Links (11/11/2007)
Sam Gentile - New and Notable 204
Rhonda Tipton - Week Link Post 15

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