Interesting Finds: October 27, 2007

by Jason Haley 27. October 2007 07:55

Conference stuff
Brent Ashley - Ajax Experience: Wrapup
Justise - TAE: Day 3 - Ajax Futures Q and A
Gerardo Dada - Windows Mobile at CTIA

Community stuff
Tim Sneath - Attend the WPF Virtual Bootcamp - no need to register!

Web stuff
Joshua Stengel - Delayed Content Loading Using the AJAX.NET Timer and UpdatePanel
Rick Strahl - jQuery Selectors

Other stuff
Bil Simser - Going Microsoft
Don Dodge - Microsoft quarterly earnings and stock price up
Roy Osherove My homework for the next year
JD Meier - Now on MSDN: patterns & practices Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications and Now on MSDN: patterns & practices Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Guide and Performance Testing Videos Posted to CodePlex
Brad Abrams - Poll: Allowing .NET EXEs to run off a network share
Dan Fernandez - The Stages for New Employees at Microsoft
Aaron Stebner - Updated instructions for building patches using the new WiX v3.0 patch building system
Mike Stall - WiX Script for installing Live Writer Plugins

Database stuff
Federal Developer - Installing SQL Server Management Studio when you already have Management Studio Express installed!!!
Kkline - More Pages Reported Than Actually Exist in the Table

Other link blogs
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for October 26, 2007

Security stuff
Schneier on Security - Speeding up Password Cracking
hackers@microsoft - Weekend Security Reading Round up Links 10/27/07

Career stuff
Chris Sells - Working Remotely for Microsoft: Can You Communicate Effectively From Home During Meetings?

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