Interesting Finds: August 14, 2007

by Jason Haley 14. August 2007 06:47

Other link blogs
Matt - 14 Links Today (2007-08-13)
afongen - Links for 2007-08-13 []
Sam Gentile - New and Notable 180

Career stuff
Steve Pavlina - Achieving Peak Motivation
Travis Wright - Better Leaders Create Better Expectations
Tom Hollander - What am I doing now anyway?
Andrew Coates - Wow, Now I'm MCPD!

Debugging stuff
Tess - ASP.NET Hang Case Study: Application hangs on startup and ASP.NET Memory Investigation
Junfeng Zhang - Loading CLR DAC dll from a different path

Other stuff
Greg Young - Bread Crumb Trail
Matt Cutts - Closing the loop on malware
Sara Ford - Did you know... How to enable Word Wrap?
Mike Taulty - Expression Design, Expression Blend & Silverlight V1.1 and Silverlight V1.1: Talking to a Workflow
IEBlog - Good Practices for ActiveX Updates
Greg - IE7Pro v1.0 Released and Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Power Packs 2.0 - Line/Circle/Square Shapes + PrintForm and Printer Compatibility Library Now all in One Assembly
Michael Giagnocavo - Practical Functional C# - Part II
Microsoft Downloads - Presence Integration Between IM Applications and 2007 Microsoft Office System
Joe Stagner - Regular Expression Webcast Series
Andrew Stopford - Revised MbUnit site and docs
Nathan Weinberg - Small Changes In Vista Service Pack 1
The Moth - SortOrder in item VS2008 templates dialog
Michael Howard - Update on DropMyRights

Database stuff
Jamie Thomson - Datadude: Gotcha in SR1
Kalen Delaney - Did you Know? Nesting Transactions
JeffB - Sql Server Locking and the ADO.Net SqlDataReader
.Net Adventures - UI for MS SQL Server TableDiff tool

Web stuff
Mike Ormond - Vista + FireFox + Cassini Web Server (Visual Studio Web Server) Revisited

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