Interesting Finds: August 3, 2007

by Jason Haley 3. August 2007 08:03

Other link blogs
Matt - 13 Links Today (2007-08-02)
Scott Guthrie - August 2nd Links: ASP.NET AJAX and the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit … nice set of links
Steve Pietrek - Links (8/2/2007)
Harry Pierson - Morning Coffee 107
Mike Gunderloy - The Daily Grind 1199

Web stuff
Brent Ashley - Ajax Evolution
Phil Haack - Art Of Test WebAii Looks Promising For Testing The Web
Dion Almaer - Edge.js: Mask your images with unobtrusive JavaScript

Community stuff
Phil Haack - Any Recommendations For A Good Place To Get A Drink In Redmond?
Chris Bowen - Code Camp 8: The Rise of the Silverlight Surfer

Debugging stuff
Jim Gries - Debugger Tips, Tricks and Tools #12
Microsoft Windows SDK Team - Getting started with the Windows SDK
Sijin Joseph - How to leak memory in .Net - Statics and Event Handlers

Other stuff
Sara Ford - Did you know... How to resize a tool window from the keyboard?
Microsoft Downloads - Guidance Automation Extensions and Guidance Automation Toolkit
Michael Specht - IM how do you use it!
Chris Pietschmann - LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor v1.1 Released
Mike Stall - My first (non-trivial) Windows Live Writer Plugin
The Moth - Partial methods
Robert Chipperfield - Say hello, static constructor?
Raymond Chen - What is the difference between the Folder and Directory (and other special) progids?

Database stuff
Tibor Karaszi - Does BACKUP utilize pages in cache? and No Notification Services in SQL Server 2008
Leon Bambrick - How to aggregate a bit column

Career stuff
Nick Gonzalez - Find A Career Path With PayScale’s GigZig
Travis Wright - Modern Leadership Guru Has Identified Six Key Personal Qualities
Rajesh Setty - Quotes worth recording - David Kelley
Keith Ferrazzi - Tip of the week - It's never too early to start connecting
Bryan - When Networking, Don’t Be Shy About Picking Up the Phone, Too

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