Interesting Finds: August 1, 2007

by Jason Haley 1. August 2007 07:23

Career stuff
Jim Holmes - Career Goals For The Next Six Months
Dane - How to Avoid Being Audited When You’re Self Employed
Michael Specht - Returning from vacation

Web stuff
Steve Schofield - 501 not implemented, IIS 6 and TRACE verb

PowerShell stuff
Brian Button - find -name foo.\* | xargs grep "find_me"
Scott Hanselman - Progress Bars in PowerShell

Other stuff
Aaron Lerch - Building on the Visual Studio 2008 Shell
Sara Ford - Did you know... How to split windows and Create new windows?
Scott Hanselman - Expression Media Encoder - Preview Update for Silverlight RC
Simon Sabin - How to speed up partition merging
David Vidmar - Notepad2 updated 2x
Jonathan Cogley - Secret Server 3.1 has shipped.
Ayende Rahien - SonicCast #3 - It is not MVC
Miguel de Icaza - Strawman Central
Aaron Stebner - Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 setup log files

Other link blogs
Steve Pietrek - Links (7/31/2007)

Database stuff
Hom Hollander - Mapping SQL Server Errors to .NET Exceptions (the fun way!)

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