Interesting Finds: July 26, 2007

by Jason Haley 26. July 2007 07:15

Other stuff
Julie Lerman - "MikeGunderloy-ize" … I like to think of it as link sharing on a regular basis
Harry Pierson - *Now* How Much Would You Pay For This Code?
Evan Hoff - Book Review: Designing Object-Oriented Software
Scott Reynolds - Code Reuse is Not the Villain
David Brabant - NLog: Yet Another Logging Library and StructureMap: a dependency injection framework
Fans Bouma - Oh no, another tag-youre-it game!
The Igloo Coder - Refactoring Analysis with the Help of nDepend
Daniel Escapa - SnagIt Output for OneNote 2007
K. Scott Allen - Some Cool Software You Might Not Know About
Justice Gray - What DevTeach 2007 is missing at DevTeach 2007
Jim Holmes - Working With The WebBrowser Control in WinForms

Other link blogs
Matt - 23 Links Today (2007-07-25)
Steve Pietrek - Links (7/25/2007)
Mike Gunderloy - The Daily Grind 1193 and The Daily Grind 1194

Career stuff
Denis Gobo - Becoming A Better Programmer In 6 Months: The First 10 days

Blogging stuff
Darren Rowse - Does Your Blog Focus Upon a Niche Topic or a Niche Demographic? - a Mini Case Study with Gala Darling

Builder stuff
Aaron Stebner - Example WiX-based setup that adds a custom strip to the Windows Vista Media Center start menu

Career stuff
Dave Lorenzo - Home Business to Big Business and The Riches in Niches
Steve Pavlina - Quality and Contribution
DonXml - Scott Hanselman And Jesse Liberty Join Microsoft (Feels Like Am I The Last Of The Mohicans)
Scott Hanselman - The Developer Theory of the Third Place

Debugging stuff
Mike Stall - There are things worse than crashing

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