Interesting Finds: July 13, 2007

by Jason Haley 13. July 2007 07:24

Other stuff
BCL Team - A Brief History of DateTime Follow-up [Anthony Moore]
Greg - Adding Flavor to the OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog
Phil Haacked - An Easier Way To See The Rotor Code
JB Evain - Cecil, ildasm and the security update
Dare Obasanjo - Live Search for Mobile 2.0 is Available
Oleg Tkachenko - Producing XHTML using XSLT in .NET
Martin Fowler - DslReadings and UiPatternsReadings
Tim Stall - Using CodeSmith to create your own Domain-Specific-Language

Web stuff
Mike Ormond - Accessing ASP.NET Application Services from Silverlight and Accessing ASP.NET Application Services from Silverlight (part 2)

Database stuff
Tony Rogerson - Analysing Indexes - A Must Read article from Colin Leversuch Roberts.
Andy Leonard - Database Professionals: An Enterprise Requirement
Phil Factor - Using BCP to export the contents of MAX datatypes to a file

Career stuff
Rockford Lhotka - Being a Better Developer... in 6 months
Travis Wright - Leadership Skills Training: 5 Irrefutable, Non-Negotiable Laws of Leadership You Must Know Now
Scott Sehlhorst - Separating Business Rules From Requirements Increases Agility
The Moth - What do I plan to do over the next 6 months to become a better developer

Blogging stuff
Darren Rowse - How To Write Excellent Blog Content - What We Wish We Knew
Larry O'Brien - Jakob Nielsen Says Experts Should Write Articles, Not Blog Posts. I Disagree.

Other link blogs
Arjan Zuidhof - LINKBLOG for July 13, 2007
Steve Pietrek - Links (7/12/2007)
Mike Gunderloy - The Daily Grind 1185

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