Interesting Finds: July 10, 2007 PM Edition

by Jason Haley 10. July 2007 15:50

Community stuff
Chris Bowen - Boston .NET User Group Meeting and Speaking Opportunities

Other stuff
Rockford Lhotka - CSLA .NET 3.0 available for download
Harry Pierson - Restating the Concurrency Problem
Ralf Westphal - Software Transactional Memory V - Integration with System.Transactions
Josh - Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0

Database stuff
Adam Machanic - Help Improve Our Roller -- What are the Best SQL Server Blogs?
Ayende Rahien - Sending arrays to SQL Server: Xml vs. Comma Separated Values

Security stuff
MSRCTEAM - July 2007 Monthly Bulletin Release
Microsoft Downloads - Malware Removal Starter Kit

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