Interesting Finds: July 6, 2007

by Jason Haley 6. July 2007 06:43

Agile stuff
James Luetkehoelter - Agile Development and the "DBA"

Debugging stuff
Junfeng Zhang - Break on exception in Windows Debugger

Other stuff
Jonathan de Halleux - Build It: Keeping the Samples in Sync (and shipping them)
xprblog - Expression Blend and Studio: problem installing Visual Studio from included DVD
Henning Krause - Getting the original values of an item in an OnSyncSave event sink
eugeniop - Microsoft Silverlight Streaming - An example of a specialized Service Delivery Platform
Ben Day - Run Non-"Hello, World" VSTS WebTests As Part of a Team Build
Don Dodge - LiveStation and Silverlight deliver Live TV to your PC
Ayende Rahien - Adding to list from multiple threads? and The truth about string concatenation performance… … I've ran into the string concatenation problem in real life … try putting 2 strings together for a hashtable key and then using that key 7 - 12 million times as fast as possible - you'll notice the difference!
Scott Hanselman - Beyond Elvis, Einstein and Mort: New Programming Stereotypes for Web 2.0 … lol, very creative.
Richard Hundausen - For those who Remote Desktop … - provides multi-tab interface - which can be very handy when remoted-in to multiple servers at once … sounds good to me.

Web stuff
K. Scott Allen - Putting Function.apply() to Work

Community stuff
Chris Bowen - C# Day - August 3rd in Waltham
Tim Sneath - Come to a Silverlight Lab in Redmond

Blogging stuff
David Brabant - BlogEngine.NET: a free, open source, blogging platform developed with ASP.NET 2.0

Database stuff
Tony Rogerson - SQL Style - FROM x,y,z or INNER JOIN; We are all Cowboy Coders
Hugo Kornelis - NULL - The database's black hole
Simon Sabin - Blobs block online indexing and Service Broker - Asynchronous/Multi threaded File Upload
Roman Rehak - Change in trace flags behavior in SQL Server 2005 and Why use "Included" columns in SQL Server 2005

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