Interesting Finds: July 3, 2007 PM Edition

by Jason Haley 3. July 2007 20:15

Other stuff
Dave Broman - Enter, Leave, Tailcall Hooks Part 2: Tall tales of tail calls
Tim Jarrett - More disclosure for iTunes installs
Ralf Westphal - Software Transactional Memory - Making multithreading easier
Thomas - Product Review: NDepend 2.0 created by Patrick Smaccia
Greg - SlickEdit Tools v1.1

Workflow stuff
Kirk Allen Evans - Use Workflow to Invoke Web Services in Parallel

Career stuff
Don Dodge - VC and Angel funding - How much is too much?
Jim Glass - Why I use

Database stuff
Mssqlisv - Detecting Overlapping Indexes in SQL Server 2005

Web stuff
Dion Almaer - Dojo 0.9: The next generation is here
K. Scott Allen - JavaScript's Slippery this Reference and Other Monsters in The Closet

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