Interesting Finds: June 27, 2007

by Jason Haley 27. June 2007 11:55

Career stuff
V. Bertocci - A (fiscal) year in review
Josh Ledgard - Today is my last day at Microsoft
Terry Detty - Using Online Forums to Generate Article Ideas

Other stuff
Steven Smith - Beyond Good Enough Is Waste
Marc Holmes - Caring for GUIDs
Andrew Coates - Learning Online with Virtual Labs - .NET Framework 3.0 Virtual Labs
Nathan Weinberg - Microsoft Is Held To A Different Standard
Josh - Windows Server June CTP Available
Dave Jansen - Wixaware 2.0 Beta
Ivan Mitev - XML Serialization

Other link blogs
Steve Pietrek - Links (6/24/2007)

Database stuff
Tony Davis - SQL Server Myths
David Brabant - SQL Spy, Banshee File Storage, Ivy Encryption
Simon Sabin - To cluster of not

Web stuff
Ayende Rahien - Stories form the class room: Picking the target for BackgroundWorker
Scott Guthrie - Updated ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Release and New ASP.NET AJAX Videos/Articles

Powershell stuff
PowerShell Team - Surfing the Web the PowerShell Way

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