Interesting Finds: June 20, 2007

by Jason Haley 20. June 2007 18:09

Blogging stuff
Darren Rowse - 10 Techniques I Used To Go From 0 To 12,000 RSS Subscribers In Seven Months - With No Ads Or Leverage

Other stuff
Roy Osherove - Art Of Unit Testing Book Available Shortly
Shawn Farkas - CLR Inside Out: Digging into Idisposable
Chris Bowen - Free Microsoft Online Developer Courses
Nathan Weinberg - To Reduce svchost.exe Taking Over Your System
Andy Pennell - Living With Vista: My First Few Weeks

Web stuff
Steve Schofield - IIS7 post #42 - Flush log buffer immediately to disk and IISLogs RC3 released and misc notes on developing a product.
Xaprb - JavaScript number-formatting library updated

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