Interesting Finds: June 19, 2007

by Jason Haley 19. June 2007 13:10

Other stuff
Greg Young - Async Sockets and Buffer Management
Kirk Allen Evans - Creating a General-Purpose, Asynchronous SOAP Client in ASP.NET 2.0

Career stuff
Guy Kawasaki - Bite Your Tongue: Eight More Ways To Improve Your Presentations
JD Meier - How To Share Lessons Learned
Justice Gray - Introducing new people to your organization the Justice Gray way
The Igloo Coder - Where do you find problems during refactoring?

Database stuff
Tales from the Doghouse - Cool DBA Automation Jobs
Richard Hundhausen - Cool DBA Automation Jobs
Greg - SQL Server Maintenance Scripts from Microsoft's DBAs

Powershell stuff
PowerShell Team - Get-ScriptDirectory to the Rescue

Web stuff
Dion Almaer - Object.Event: Event model for all JS Objects

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