Interesting Finds: June 16, 2007

by Jason Haley 16. June 2007 09:13

Web stuff
Microsoft Downloads - Web Client Software Factory — June 2007 and Web Client Software Factory Source Code — June 2007
Phil Haack - How To Handle The DIV Tag Around ASP.NET Hidden Inputs
IDisposable - Version 2 of ASP.Net Rss Toolkit released!

Database stuff
Mladen Prajdic - Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: THE STORAGE ENGINE

Other stuff
VBTeam - Closures in VB Part 4: Variable Lifetime
Ian Griffith - Gradient Fill Midpoints and WPF
Larry O'Brien - Interested in Deep Understanding of Concurrency? Read Mark McKeown
Dare Obasanjo - RSS Bandit 1.5.x (ShadowCat) Beta Installer Available
Scott Guthrie - Tip/Trick: Creating Packaged ASP.NET Setup Programs with VS 2005
Larry Osterman - Where do you go to get your security news?

Career stuff
Christine - If Your Life Is Changing, Make Sure Your Career Keeps Up
Phil Winstanely - What developers really want

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