Interesting Finds: June 13, 2007

by Jason Haley 13. June 2007 17:35

Web stuff
Dion Almaer - A JavaScript Module Pattern
Plip Winstanely - Apple are releaseing safari for Windows
Tim Sneath - Programming HTML with C#

Other stuff
Junfeng Zhang - Activation Context Creation flow
Brian Harry - Announcing Team Foundation Server <-> Project Server connector
BCL Team - BCL Refresher: DateTime.ToUniversalTime returns MaxValue/MinValue on overflow [Josh Free]
Rob Relyea - Building Add-in Models for your Applications
Jack Vaughan - Fowler?s Future of Microsoft, or Alpha Geeks need not apply
Greg - Show Hidden Programs in Add/Remove Programs on WinXP

Workflow stuff
Steven Smith - ASP.NET Workflow

Community stuff
Chris Bowen - C# Day in Waltham on June 23rd

Career stuff
Dave Lorenzo - Get SMART - Set the Right Goals

Database stuff
Tony Rogerson - Greate find - Blog documenting Query Execution / Join behaviour
Denis Gobo - SQL Myth: Truncate Cannot Be Rolled Back Because It Is Not Logged

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