Interesting Finds: June 9, 2007

by Jason Haley 9. June 2007 09:12

Other stuff
Microsoft Downloads - .NET Rocks! - Bill Wagner on C# and the Grateful Dead
Henning Krause - Displaying progress updates when hashing large files
Anatoly Lubarsky - How to Monitor Network Connectivity in .NET
Simon Sabin - Service Broker - Asynchronous/Multi threaded File Upload
Brad Abrams - Silverlight, ASP.NET, Expression and Windows Server 2008
Bradley - SP2 RSS/Checksum/TCP fix up now on Microsoft update
brennan - Subversion in Visual Studio, Finally
Tim Stall - Using Generics for dynamic return type and validation.
The Furrygoat Experience - Yahoo! Seattle: We're Hiring

Career stuff
J.D. Meier - Get Lean, Eliminate Waste
Darren Rowse - How to Build Your Personal Brand Through Your BlogHow to Build Your Personal Brand Through Your Blog … a list a agree with
Frank Kelly - What does it take to be a great Software Architect?
Sam Gentile - What's Great about Being a Microsoft Developer

Builder stuff
Aaron Stebner - Link to information about MSI script-based custom action error codes 2738 and 2739

Other link blogs
Steve Pietrek - Links (6/7/2007)
Sam Gentile - New and Notable 169

Web stuff
Scott Guthrie - New ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Release

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