Interesting Finds: June 6, 2007

by Jason Haley 6. June 2007 06:55

Other stuff
Glenn Block - Acropolis, the future of Smart Client
Sam Gentile - Acropolis and The ALT.NET Moniker and List
Kathy Kam - Introduction to Acropolis Layouts
The Moth - .NET Framework 3.5
Eric Gunnerson - App Domains and dynamic loading (the lost columns)
Ayende Rahien - Developing for Scalable Applications and Visual SVN: Another Zero Friction Tool In The Toolbox
Damon Payne - Exif Editor, Windows Shell File Types, and Interprocess Communication
Robert Pickering - Foundations of F# - Finally here!
Tim Sneath - Hours of Free Training on Expression Blend and Design
Microsoft Research - Rick Rashid on the Innovation Pipeline

Career stuff
Travis Wright - Getting Clever Together: Building Team Collaboration
Chris Sells - What's your programmer personality type?

Web stuff
Philipp Lenssen - IE Vulnerability Allows Cookie Stealing

Xml stuff
Kirk Allen Evans - Inline an XML Schema into Your XML Document

Database stuff
MS Sql ISV - New SQL Best Practice Articles now available
FransBouma - SqlServer 2005 paging: there IS a generic wrapper query possible

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