Interesting Finds: May 10, 2007

by Jason Haley 10. May 2007 06:49

Security stuff
Scott Sehlhorst - APR: Security - Added Constraint

Other stuff
Leon Bambrick - Back Seat Driven Development
Bradley - If you see SVChost at 100%
Thomas - Network Monitor 3.1 Beta Is Launched
Clemens Vasters - No Community?
Scott Hanselman - Silverlight Samples
Nicholas Allen - XML Processing Instructions

Building stuff
Ken Robertson - Follow up on MSBuild
Aaron Stebner - Links to Microsoft WiX developer blogs

Database stuff
David Vidmar - Hot to restore a SQL Server database in .NET when there are connections open

Other reading
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - May 9, 2007

Debugging stuff
Mike Stall - Trivia about Managed debugging and Exit Process

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