Interesting Finds: April 13, 2007

by Jason Haley 13. April 2007 05:54

Happy Friday the 13th!

Career stuff
Rich - 10 Lessons Learned from Starting a Small Business
Keith Ferrazzi - Great Storytellers, Great Leaders
Johanna Rothman - Strengthening Writing

Blogging stuff
Dave Burke - A Few Site Template Resources
Steve Pietrek - Links (4/12/2007)

PowerShell stuff
PowerShellTeam - Active Directory Cmdlets

Other stuff
Rob Caron - David Platt at SD Weston Why Software Sucks
Scott Hanselman - Fusion Loader Contexts - Unable to cast object of type 'Whatever' to type 'Whatever'
Joe Duffy - MSDN Magazine: 9 Reusable Parallel Data Structures and Algorithms
AlfredTh - Programming Proverbs 15: Avoid tricks
Omer van Kloeten - Two Notes About Anonymous Types
Greg - Visual Studio Team System (TFS) System Guidance Codeplex Project Download Index Now Available

Testing stuff
Eric Jarvi - driving data driven unit tests with text files
Scott Sehlhorst - The Difference Between Use Cases and Test Cases

Web stuff
Steve Schofield - IIS7 Post #35 - HTTP.sys logging document
Korby Parnell - Microformats are like RFID tags for the Web

Builder stuff
Aaron Stebner - Links to product roadmap information for WiX v2.0 and WiX v3.0

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