Interesting Finds: April 12, 2007

by Jason Haley 12. April 2007 06:47

Career stuff
Dane - 20 Things Not to Do Before Starting A Business
Rosa Say - Twelve Rules for Self-Management
Jayson Knight - Well That Turned Out To Be A Nightmare

Web stuff
Scott Hanselman - Accessing Mapped Network Drives via ASP.NET in IIS 6
Jason Gaylord - Debugging ASP.NET Pages that use the AJAX UpdatePanel
Scott Guthrie - Public Hotfix Patch Available for ASP.NET Compilation Issues

Code Gen stuff
smccormack - Codus v1.4 Released

Testing stuff
Andrew Stopford - Data driven unit tests with MbUnit
The Igloo Coder - Writing unit tests

Database stuff
K. Scott Allen - DTS in SQL 2005 - Good News and Bad News
Bradley - SQL sp2 fix up info

Other stuff
Kenny Kerr - Looking Forward to Window Clippings 2.0: Storage
Raymond Chen - What's the difference between WINVER, _WIN32_WINNT, _WIN32_WINDOWS, and _WIN32_IE?
PowerShellTeam - Windows Installer Cmdlets

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