Interesting Finds: March 4, 2007

by Jason Haley 4. March 2007 07:21

Other stuff
Ralf Westphal - O/R Mapping Adventures - Ralf has started a new blog about exploring the world of O/R Mapping … something that should be useful for those of us who have too many other things to do …
Roy Osherove - Code Generation using LINQ Expression Trees and .NET 3.0
Matt Cutts - A quick word about cloaking
Mike Taulty - Finding Extension Methods
Oleg Dulin - Rule #2: Test-driven development
Phil Haack - A Comparison of TFS vs Subversion for Open Source Projects

Career stuff
Matt Berther - Getting a business online
Dave Lorenzo - Five Steps to Conquer the Fear of failure

Community stuff
Chris Donnan - Microsoft New York Code Camp ‘07

Mobile stuff
Microsoft Downloads - Windows Mobile Updates for Daylight Saving Time (Smartphone)

Building stuff
Aaron Stebner - How to NGEN files in an MSI-based setup package using WiX

PowerShell stuff
PowerShell Team - Start-Demo: Help doing demos using PowerShell

Database stuff
Mladen Prajdic - TableDiff.exe - a cool SQL Server 2005 tool

Web stuff
David Boschmans - Building better Web Experiences: from ASP.NET AJAX to WPF/e

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