Interesting Finds: February 18, 2007

by Jason Haley 18. February 2007 07:33

Hard not to start a weekend day reading the blogs … here are a few that I found interesting.

Other stuff
Greg Hughes - Find movies in your area with the MovieScout IM buddy agent … automated messenger for useful stuff … Now I could see someone tie in phone screen and interview questions/answers so all a person has to do is type fast.
Doug Ferguson - Static code analysis
Dare Obasanjo - Vision vs. Shipping Code
Papenoo pa - Creating Debugger Visualizers
Anatoly Lubarsky - Delicer 0.9 is Available (Web 2.0 Client)
Bil Simser - Versioning the Microsoft way... with Nant
Scott Hanselman - Hanselminutes Podcast 51 - Static Code Analysis with Ndepend
Ayende Rahien - Integration Tests in ASP.Net

Career stuff
Smalltalk Tidbits, Industry Rants - Measuring job satisfaction
Dave Lorenzo - How to Protect Yourself from a Layoff and David Maister’s Perspective on Careers

Web stuff
Julie Lerman - ASP.NET AJAX "How Do I?" Videos updated for Final Release

PowerShell stuff
PowerShellTeam - Execution Policy and Vista and It’s All about Economics

Database stuff
Brent Strange - How to test for database schema differences and I need SQL data differencing tool for testing

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