Interesting Finds: January 5, 2007

by Jason Haley 5. January 2007 20:08

Other stuff
Frans Bouma - AssemblyFileVersions: is bad, but is good
Nicholas Allen - Designing New Faults
bradley - For those who installed IE7 before installing R2 - a challenge
Jamesone - More on keyboard short cuts.
hitesh_sharma - A network sniffer in C#
punchacardRay - The use of Stacks in C#

PowerShell stuff
PowerShell Team - Cliff Notes for PowerShell Functions
jamesone - PowerShell Installation

Mobile stuff
wigunara - Windows Mobile Developer Downloads

Career stuff
Adam Field - Coping with distractions when writing

Seattle stuff
Usability Recruiting - Seattle Area Bloggers Needed for Microsoft User Research Study

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