Interesting Finds: December 6, 2006

by Jason Haley 6. December 2006 07:13

Sorry, no comments today ... user group meeting tonight ;)

Web stuff - Creating a Content Rater
+Dion Almaer - Firebug 1.0: Public Beta, Still Free, and a Lite version for other browsers and JavaScript Tools: Coverage, Memory, and Performance Validator
+Frans Bouma - Free, open source forum/customer support system released for ASP.NET 2.0: HnD
+Lifehacker - Hack Attack: Host your own photo gallery with Gallery2
+Toby Ward - Intranet case study: Fidelity Investments (webinar)

Other stuff
+Rick Strahl - Expression Web Designer – no MSDN for you!
+Rich Lander - Getting the list of loaded assemblies
+Anil Dash - Links and Stuff

Finance stuff
+Eli Hoffmann - Falling Dollar: Who Stands To Gain? and IBM: You Don't Need a Computer to See Its Growth Potential -- Barron's
+Jonathan Liss - Goldman On IT Trends: What Tech Companies Stand To Gain?

Community stuff
+Kathy Sierra - How to Build a User Community, Part 1

Career stuff
+Karl - How to hire a programmer - Part 3 - Solutions

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