Interesting Finds: October 16, 2006

by Jason Haley 16. October 2006 19:48

Signal to Noise Ratio = 21:636

Debugging stuff
Tess - .NET Hang Debugging Walkthrough
Keith Vinson - Trouble with the Large Object Heap

Community stuff
Thom Robbins - .NET University

Career stuff
Merlin Mann - 43F Interview: GTD’s David Allen on the “Someday Maybe” list
hoskinator - Book Review - Ship it!: A Practical Guide to Software Projects
Jim Holmes - Book Review: Implementing Lean Software Development
CNNMoney - Bosses' 10 biggest sins
Miss Rogue - The Importance of Ego-less Leadership
Rich - Top Five Tax Breaks For At-Home Entrepreneurs

Web stuff
regnard - A Dreamweaver guy tries MS Expression Web Designer
Mike - Seriously Crazy JavaScript

Other stuff
noahc - Copy Paste HTML From MS Word: IE's DHTML Editing Control (in a .NET WinApp)
Lifehacker - Hide files in JPEG images
Jeremy Miller - I used my first closure in C# 2.0!
David Vidmar - NAnt 0.85
Rick - Optimizing Memory in .NET Applications

Finance stuff
Tyler Cowen - Economics books everyone should know
CNNMoney - New ways to get rich on the Web

Blogging stuff
Mike Gunderloy - Last Chance
Steve Pietrek - Links (10/15/2006)

PowerShell stuff
PowerShellTeam - Windows PowerShell Font Customization

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