Interesting Finds: September 26, 2006

by Jason Haley 26. September 2006 20:48

Signal to Noise Ratio = 30:721

Security stuff
jrajunas - "OUT OF BAND" Security Bulletin has been released - Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-055
via Erik C. Thauvin - [Sep 26, 2006 00:19 PDT] 25 Links - Banks rated for ID theft
Schneier on Security - Indexes to NSA Publications Declassified and Online

RegEx stuff
Roy Osherove - .NET Rocks: Regular Expressions with Roy Osherove
Brendan - Computer Science not teaching regular expressions?

Career stuff
vinnyp - A look into the feature design process
gretchen - CareerBytes ScreenCast: It's about the Quality, Yo! Part 1
Dave Lorenzo - Demonstrating Value is Part of Your Job
mariapopa - Pricing your software
Business and Financial news - Tech job growth strongest in 5 years
The Igloo Coder - 'Tis the season for change

Utilities and stuff
Adam Machanic - Acknowledging great software: SnagIt

PowerShell stuff
PowerShellTeam - Windows PowerShell RC2 Now Available

Other stuff
KathyKam - API Naming - API Design
Alex S. Robson - Class Data Binding using Custom Attributes
reedme - How many of these do you violate?
Jayson Knight - Increase Your Virtual Server Performance
timbarcz - Lexical Scanning and Parsing Part 1
Microsoft Research News - Microsoft Research’s Next Generation of Leaders
Rob Caron - Now Available: Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta

Community stuff
Julia Lerman - CODE CAMP 6: DEVS ON A PLANE - Registration is O P E N ! … wish I could be there ...
Peter Provost - patterns & practices Summit - Redmond 10/9 - 10/12

Finance stuff
cbradley - economist on debt
Robert Zenilman - Gap's Employee Productivity Lags its Peers
SA Editor - Tips On Small Business Insurance

Web stuff
corbanbrook - Javascript: The Underappreciated Dynamic Language
Phil Haack - Lightweight Invisible CAPTCHA Validator Control
via Steve Pietrek - Links (9/25/2006) - Scott Mitchell's Top 10 ASP.Net Tips and Tricks
Scott Hanselman - Programmatically Mapping an IIS Vdir/AppPool to .NET Framework 2.0
scratchprojects - Programming an HTML Downloader in C++

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