Interesting Finds: September 25, 2006

by Jason Haley 25. September 2006 20:09

Signal to Noise Ratio = 34:566

Other stuff
John555 - 90% of all usability testing is useless
Swarajya Pendharkar - A simple application using I/O Completion Ports and WinSock
VistaCompatTeam - Elevate through ShellExecute
CraigG - Hexadecimal to Floating Point (IEEE 754)
bonlebon - Incrementally Updating Software
Roy Osherove - The future of unit testing tools - MbUnit, NUnit, NMock and FIT

Blogging stuff
Mike Gunderloy - A Month to Go
Dave Burke - Talking to you from Vermont!

Web stuff
corbanbrook - A Tour of Javascript, Part 1
bonlebon - AJAX Tutorial: Saving Session Across Page Loads Without Cookies, On The Client Side
interactive - AjaxPro JSON serialization about three (3!!!) times faster
Matt_Payne - An ASP.NET 2.0 Accordion Server Control
crisag - Credential delegation and IIS Kerberos authentication
AlanL - MS ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions (aka Atlas) Resources
dbalzer - Persist a WebForm
Eric Wise - Saving a webform for later
corbanbrook - Simplify Scope with Javascript Closures

Finance stuff
SA Editor - Apple Chart Shows a 'Golden Cross' Of Positive Momentum and Red Hat Higher Ahead of Earnings Tomorrow - U.S. debt to foreigners seen hitting record high

Code Gen stuff
Nick - BDCGenerator - how to use

DDD stuff
DonXML - Calling All Microsoft MVPs Practicing Domain Driven Design

Building stuff
Michael Mendelson - Continuous Integration using CruiseControl.NET, NANT, CVS, and Nunit

Career stuff
cdnitmgr - Gordon Ross: Leadership Lessons and Career Tips
Yvonne - How Executives Fail: A book of Recipes
Kim - Rent to own.
Lifehacker - Technophilia: Get a free college education online

Obfuscation stuff
dotnet_daffodills - Importace of obfuscation in .NET..?
Mike Woodring - Obfuscated CLR/C# 2.0 … not quite the point of this entry, but it does get across how easily obfuscation can make things hard for a human to follow

SysAdmin stuff
amason - More on Event Logs at the command line

Security stuff
Thomas Ptacek - RSA Signature Forgery Explained (with Nate Lawson) - Part - V

Xml stuff
Keyvan Nayyeri - Validating XML Files Against XSD Schemas in .NET 1.x and 2.0
Patrick Boom - XMLFormatter provider for serialization

PowerShell stuff
PowerShell Team - Windows PowerShell ISV/Developer Conference – Oct 9-10th, 2006

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