Interesting Finds: September 20, 2006

by Jason Haley 20. September 2006 20:26

Signal to Noise Ratio = 27:593

Other stuff
Marcus Deecke - A deep XmlSerializer, supporting complex classes, enumerations, structs, collections, and arrays
Phil Haack - Batch SVN Rename
uisamurai - Building Your First TaskDialog (Part 2)
Rick Lane - C# .net 2.0 serialization -- multiple references to same object
Scott Hanselman - Hanselminutes Podcast 33 - Windows Vista RC1
Li Xin - Lattice.DataMapper 3.0 released
Usability Recruiting - Looking for Mobile Device Users

Web stuff
Usual Dosage - AJAX Demystified - Part Two - The AJAX DataGrid
Bill Evjen - ASP.NET 2.0 FileUpload Server Control
dwahlin - Calling Web Services with MS AJAX using Code Vs. Declaratively
Richard Hundhausen - JavaScript Lint

Buidling and Recovery stuff
Craig Andera - Announcing HoboCopy
Matt Miller - Good and Bad Installers
heaths - Installing Assemblies for Runtime and Design-time Use

Security stuff
Nicholas Allen - Attacks on RSA
adam - Emergent Breach Research

Career stuff
valwillis - Cool Friend: Bob Tomasko
Rick - How to attract new business and referrals as a freelance programmer
via JJ Hunter - Random for September 20 2006 - "10 Rules for Innovators"
Tod Hilton - The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
Eric - The Seattle Recruiting Event You Don't Want to Miss
Rich - Tips for Business Owners Who Hate Handling Finances
Jayson Knight - What's Jayson Been Up To?

Blogging stuff
Dave Burke - Feed Options on the DBVT.COM Shortlist
Christopher Steen - Link Listing - September 19, 2006
Darren Rowse - Opening Paragraphs that Hook Your Readers

Visual Basic stuff
frankarr - Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs

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