Interesting Finds: September 19, 2006

by Jason Haley 19. September 2006 20:01

Signal to Noise Ratio = 29:629

Security stuff
Dave G. - “Attackers are smart, you are not.” is a bad message
The PC Doctor - 0-day exploit being used against Internet Explorer (what a surprise)
chsecblo - How to disable IE 0-day

Other stuff
Rafael Dohms - A study on RSS - Part 2: The RSS format
uisamurai - Building Your First TaskDialog (Part 1)
Chad Finsterwald - C# String Library
Lifehacker - Compare your cellphone plan with
David Brooks - Custom Hyperlinks Using Asynchronous Pluggable Protocols
Brennan - Free Utilities for Windows
Jeff Brown - Manipulating NTFS Junction Points in .Net
Junfeng Zhang - Run/RunOnce/RunOnceEx Registry Key
Lance - Some New Geniuses
Patrick Steele - The world is not all managed (yet!)

Web stuff
Scott Guthrie - September Atlas Control Toolkit Released (Now with Animation Support)
snyholm - AMAZING CSS website
Phil Haack - Atlas Comment Spam Heuristics
gwoods - Create an XML DOM in Firefox
Julien - Cross-document messaging hack
alex - dp.SyntaxHiglighter 1.4.1
Chris Cornutt - Objectifying JavaScript - Storing Images to Database and Retrieving to GridView

Career stuff
About Entrepreneurs - Business Schools Changing Approach to Entrepreneurial Education
Chris Donnan - Core Software Development Values
Dave Lorenzo - Cycle of Continuous Improvement and Personal Renewal
Scott Allen - The Art of Escalation in Software Requirement Meetings

DDD stuff
Rick - Domain Driven Design : Managing Variability

Community stuff
Raymond Lewallen - Don't Miss TechFest 2006 coming in October!

Design Patterns stuff
Grady Booch - More Patterns

Agile stuff
Scott Bellware - Recognizing Software Design Process on an Agile Development Team

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