Interesting Finds: September 17, 2006

by Jason Haley 17. September 2006 18:49

Signal to Noise Ratio = 15:254

Xml stuff
Rafael Dohms - A study on RSS - Part 1 XML DOM
mapo - Free ebook on XML and related standards

Other stuff
Henning Krause - As promised in the first article (See here), here is another article on the classes in my…
Steve C. Orr - Cure Code Bloat
Sanjeeb Sarangi - Design considerations for choosing a collection object
DevHawk - Managed Lex and Yacc
Peter Huber SG - POP3 Email Client with full MIME Support (.NET 2.0)

Web stuff
Thomas Klurek - Building and Consuming a Dynamic Sitemap in ASP.NET 2.0

Blogging stuff
Bunmi Akinyemiju - Evaluating other blog tools out there!
Greg - Text Template Plugin v1.1 for Windows Live Writer Released (and a Preview of v1.2)

PowerShell stuff
PowerShell Team - Get-Process Piped to Dir

.Net stuff
nparker - Great new overview article on WPF

Security stuff
pcgeek101 - Hacker Discovers PDF Backdoors
adam - This Post Brought to You By The Number 3, and The Letters and S and L

Career stuff
Greg Hughes - Looking for a few good people - Job openings at Corillian

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