Interesting Finds: September 6, 2006

by Jason Haley 6. September 2006 19:34

Signal to Noise Ratio = 26:828

Best Practices stuff
Patrick Hynds - .Net Best Practices Source

Other stuff
Tess - .NET Memory usage - A restaurant analogy
tazzzzz - Algorithms book
The Igloo Coder - Chicken Enchiladas
Don Syme - Draft Chapter 2 of "Expert F#": Essential Language Features
Robert - Geoffrey Washburn - F# versus Scala
Miguel de Icaza - Mono Success Story: Plastic and New MonoDevelop is out!
Rico Mariani Rob Caron - NameValueCollection vs. Hashtable performance considerations
madskristensen - Performance optimization of an if/else-statement
Shawn Hargreaves - Taking out the trash
Geert van Horrik - Updater
BCLTeam - Why are NameValueCollection lookups slower than Hashtable? [Kim Hamilton]
Chris Kolkman - Winsock.NET 2005
Vincent Duvernet - XML Serialization for Complex Data Types

Web stuff
Johnson Smith - AJAX applications taking a long time to create and debug?
Eric Smith - ASP.NET Tip: Create a Perpetual Page Footer
dkappe - Narrative Javascript - Cleaner Code for Long Running Tasks

Agile stuff
Sam Gentile - Being an Agile Architect
Steve King - Nightly Builds And Open Source Projects

Blogging stuff
ccalvert - C# Bloggers
Jo Carpenter - Top Ten Bloggers At Microsoft

Debugging stuff
vancem - Digging deeper into managed code with Visual Studio: Using SOS
Recent Software Development Management White Papers and Reports - Troubleshooting .NET Applications - Knowing Which Tools to Use and When

Career stuff
cmn - Explain the Interview Question
Eric Wise - What is a Great Developer?

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