Interesting Finds: August 29, 2006

by Jason Haley 29. August 2006 19:46

Signal to Noise Ratio = 22:550

Career stuff
Wallace McClure - "Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET" For Sale on Amazonz
Omar Shahine - DavidCo GTD File Folders
Presentation Zen - From design to meaning: a whole new way of presenting?
Jim Glass - Making Community Guru connections at Microsoft
Rosa Say - Thriving in a Structured Life

Web stuff
Jeffwids - AspAlliance Sample Chapter: Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET - Chapter 5: Data Communication: XML, XSLT, and JSON
gabriev - Firefox Extensions for Web Developers
ajaxpath - How to Profile and Optimize Ajax Applications

Agile stuff
Mpuleio - Breaking News: Agile Works!

Other stuff
Elmue - Cabinet File (*.CAB) Compression and Extraction
Jeremy Miller - Can we redefine Unit Test?
Brenton House - Clearing Enum Flags and My next monitor - If I can get my manager to approve the purchase…
Jamie Cansdale - Go To Reflector
Sascha Knopf - Implementing complex data binding in custom controls
Steve Pietrek - Links (8/29/2006) … all those links look interesting …
jritmeijer - Opening networks using SSH Tunnels
Lifehacker - Recover lost files from a wiped hard drive
Scott Hanselman - Scott Hanselman's 2006 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
Tod Hilton - Why All Developers Should Blog

Design Pattern stuff
Jeffrey Palermo - Martin Fowler evolves his Model-View-Presenter pattern - level 300

Building stuff
Andrew Connell - Using MSBuild to generate assembly version info at build time (including SubVersion fix)

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