Interesting Finds: August 15, 2006

by Jason Haley 15. August 2006 19:02

Signal to Noise Ratio = 17:582

Career stuff
Andrew Garrett's Mutation - 5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Workout

Data stuff
p.gielens - ADO.NET Entity Framework August CTP Available

Other stuff
Dennis van der Stelt - Advanced usage of the ?? Operator
Michael A. McCloskey - Bitonal (TIFF) Image Converter for .NET
Scott Hanselman - Enabling Evil - Overriding System.DateTime's default ToString
gneverov - F# at the ICFP programming contest
David Berlind - Nine great podcasts from MIT's CIO Symposium

Security stuff
Dana Epp - Engineering secure code in small teams
Schneier on Security - Stealing Credit Card Information off Phone Lines

Web stuff
Brian Goldfarb- Great new training course on "Atlas"
bonlebon - Navigation tabs with CSS and DOMscripting
CodeSniper - Time to learn Atlas…
WebTransports - David Wang discusses http.sys's kernel response cache.

Compiler stuff
Harry Pierson - Modular Compilers

Boston stuff
Miguel de Icaza - Mono User and Developers Conference

.Net 3.0 stuff
tims - Print Your Outlook Calendar in Style: with WPF…

Xml stuff
Nick Parker - XmlMessageFormatter Woes

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